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Yue Mingyue, 2021
gauze, thread, spray paint

Trace Ⅰ, Ⅱ
gauze, thread, spray paint, 2021

"Trace" depicts the imagination of the origin of life. The work is inspired by the medieval tapestry "Apocalypse", through the traces left by the thread and spray paint, constructing the elements of blood, fire, and newborn, continuing the author's exploration of the life series.

Trace Ⅰ
27.5 x 6.5cm x 16 pieces
paper, thread, spray paint, acrylic, 2021

Trace Ⅰ-1,2,3

Trace Ⅱ-1,2
70 x 73.5cm x 2 pieces
gause, thread, spray paint, 2021

Trace Ⅱ-1

Trace Ⅱ-2

UИTITLEDSPΛCE February Exhibition
Ongoing Mystical Experiment