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Joint Work|
Sketches of Expanded Parisian Life

Yue Mingyue&Cao Zhen, 2019

gauze, 2018

Studying the works of Picasso, Bacon, and David Hockney, we believe their inspiration comes from different ways to observe objects and laws of perspective. We attempt to apply these methods to our arrangement of sketches and construct a record of completely expanded Parisian life.

<<  Swipe to see pedestrian in Paris  >>

We used a small printer to continuously print out these pedestrians, recreating the fluidity of the streets of Paris.

Each viewer will receive a printed ticket with the time of the visitor's visit, a fragment of a pedestrian in Paris and the website of the work. At the same time, we will also leave historical print records. We think this is a unique record and commemoration of each visit.

Paris pedestrian scroll installation, 2019


Tickets - time, pictures and website, 2019

Scene group picture details